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    What to know about Nic Salt Vape Juice

    What to know about Nic Salt Vape Juice

    Hey Vape Juicers!

    We have seen increased activity on a top - 50mg nic salt vape juice, or better known has high mg nic vape salt. Is it safe? What's the difference? How do I vape it?

    All great questions! Here are some of our opinions:

    Here's what we believe and how we function with these new salt based vape juice.(s)


    Nicotine Salt is a purer more potent form of nicotine which allows it to absorb in your body differently and is way smoother. Why is it smoother? We believe there is less "cut" or unneeded chemicals in Nicotine Salt. This can mean that you may need to vape less to get the desired feeling from your vape experience. 

    A variety of different nic salt vape juice has popped up recently and we've seen the general Nicotine levels being 35mg and 50mg.

    The way to vape it would be in a low wattage device such as a suorin air, or suorin drop, smoant, and devices along those lines.


    If your interested in Nicotine Salt Juices, check ours out here -> Here




    Vaping VS Juuling

    Vaping VS Juuling

    Hey Vape Fam!


    So a big question we have been getting over here at Vape-Ejuice.com is "What is juuling? Is juuling the same as vaping? What's the difference between juuling and vaping?"

    Here's the thing. The media is attacking Juul because it has become an extremely popular Nicotine Salt Delivery Device. Say that 5 times fast LOL! But Juul has over 50% of the vaping market share. WHICH IS NUTS!


    But since it has become so popular it has obtained the nick-name "Juuling" Because Juul with ing is Juuling. Clever right? 


    But fundamentally no there is no difference between vaping and juuling. Juuling is just a word made up for people who like the juul. So essentially it means you are vaping a juul.


    While some media outlets have directly attacked Juul, the fact remains that the vape industry has all gone toward pod devices that have Nic Salt in them because it is an easier way to vape, and even vape less.


    We hope this helps with the confusion out there!

    InfiniX Review

    InfiniX Review

    Hey Savages!

    Today we are reviewing the InfiniX by Smok! You can also click here to watch the YouTube review.

    For this review we ordered the starter kit that has:

    • 2 refillable pods
    • the battery
    • a bottle for easy filling
    • warranty cards
    • micro USB charging cable

    To fill the pod, lift the black rubber grommet that is on the side of the pod & fill with your juice of choice, then push the grommet back into place. Let the pod sit for 5-8 minutes to make sure you don't burn the coil! After you let it sit you can insert the pod into the battery & you're ready to vape!

    This is a draw activated device & when you're vaping there's an indicator light at the top of the battery that is blue when it's activated & red when it needs to be charged or is charging.

    Our first impression of this pod system is that it's not made very well. The pod is magnetized & does fit into the battery, but it's a very weak magnet & it feels as though the pod could fall out at any moment. The battery is pretty small so you'll definitely either want to carry a second vape or the charging cable. It's a pocket sized device that is pretty standard with other pod systems. It vapes really well & the juice that we used is easily recognizable & tastes good. But really we wish that Smok had come out with an original system, or at least an original looking system that is made better. Otherwise, this is a pretty basic system that is a good enough option as far as pod systems go.

    That's all we have for today! Thank you for reading & remember to #StaySavage!




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    Is mackenzie ziegler Vaping?

    Is mackenzie ziegler Vaping?

    Our team here at Vape-Ejuice.com DOESN'T CONDONE or Allow under-age vaping. So with that being said we we're taken aback by the videos of  mackenzie ziegler gaining traction.


    While we can't confirm if mackenzie ziegler is vaping, it does appear that she is using some sort of dragon ball dessert and blowing it out to make it appear as if she is vaping.


    If thats the case then I guess we cant complain about mackenzie ziegler, In fact she hadn't even bee our radar until her vidoes about vaping became extremely popular.


    SO our advice to the interwebs is this... Move along for now, there are other fights we can be fighting than kids eating a smoking candy and making it appear that Mackenzie Ziegler.

    Aspire Breeze Review

    Aspire Breeze Review

    Hey Savages!

    Today we are going to review the Breeze by Aspire! You can also click here to watch the entire review on YouTube.

    For this review we picked up the Breeze kit, which includes:

    • spare O-rings
    • instruction booklet
    • warranty card
    • micro USB charging cord
    • 2 coil heads

    The Breeze is an all-in-one kit & it is not a pod system. To insert the coil & fill the tank, just pull off the mouth piece to reveal 2 metal pieces. The taller metal piece is what you need to unscrew, so on the bottom of the mouthpiece there's a straight metal edge that you use to begin unscrewing the tall metal piece. You'll then install the coil on the bottom of the chimney. The hole in the device that's left when you've taken out the chimney/coil is where you'll put the juice. On the side there's a window with a red horizontal line- fill the tank with juice up to that red line only & then insert the chimney with the coil, screw in, put the mouthpiece back on, & wait 2 minutes. Then you're ready to vape!

    The Breeze is compact & easily fits into your hand, pocket, purse, etc. & the juice we used (Blue Razzleberry Pomegranate) tastes great. The fire button is a small black button on the front that's easy to locate. It takes 5 clicks to turn on & 5 clicks to turn off, which is simple & pretty standard. This device is a good option for someone who wants to vape anywhere from 3-12mg's. Since this isn't a pod system, we would not recommend using nic salts.

    Overall, this is a great device! We highly recommend the Breeze for anyone- especially anyone who is new to vaping & just quitting smoking.

    That's all we have for today! Thanks so much for reading & remember to #StaySavage!




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