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    Blog — mi pod



    Hey Savages!

    Today we’re going to review the Mi-Pod! You can also watch the review with Brittany here.

    The Mi-Pod is a pod system- similar to the Suorin Drop. Inside the box you’ll find a warranty paper, a user manual, 2 re-fillable pods, the actual device/battery, a micro-USB cable, & a string thing. The Mi-Pod is a re-fillable pod system, which means you can fill it with whatever juice you want. (Side Note: if you’re following us on Snapchat you can see Matt, our Social Media Manager, using his Mi-Pod pretty much every day).

    The first thing you’ll want to do is fill the pod with juice. It doesn’t really matter which juice you use (Matt uses 3mg Straw Nanners & it works great for him) but this system works the best with a more viscous juice (50/50 vg/pg, 60/40 vg/pg, or just high vg) or Nic salts. Also, to clarify, the pod is the black see-through part. On the bottom of the pod you’ll see a white rubber grommet. Pull up that grommet & there’s a hole- this is where you fill the pod with juice. Don’t put juice in the already exposed hole. As a not-terribly experienced vaper (by the way, this is Kathryn) that’s exactly what I thought I needed to do & apparently the juice will just leak through the other side. Anyway, fill the pod & then close the rubber grommet, gently wiping away any excess juice.

    Now you can place the pod into the device. There are 2 gold pieces on the bottom of the pod & you’ll want to line them up with the gold pieces inside the device. There’s a little bit of resistance, so just pop it in.

    Time to vape! This is a draw activated system, which means the device will fire when you inhale & there aren’t any buttons to press. Plug the micro-USB into the port on the device to charge. This device has LED lights to alert you when it needs to be charged (purple), when it’s charging (blue), when you’re inhaling (blue), & when it’s turned back on (red). You can also turn it on & off, which is really nice. There’s a small black button on the side under the charging port & you’ll quickly press it 5 times to turn it off, & pressing it 5 times again will turn it back on.

    Overall, the Mi-Pod is great & we like it. The only complaint that we have is that it tends to spit juice. If you’re vaping Nic salts, getting the high-nic juice in your mouth isn’t great. But again, this is the only complaint that we have.

    The coils for this device last around 2 weeks, but the exact length of time depends on each individual. Again, the Mi-Pod uses re-fillable pods. So you’ll need to buy more of those but they are fairly easy to find & you can definitely order them online.

    That’s all for today! Thanks for reading, check out our YouTube video, & remember to #staysavage!

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