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    The FDA v. The Vape Industry

    The FDA v. The Vape Industry

    Hey Savages!

    I (Kathryn) had a brief exchange with one of our Twitter followers (@redfoxvapes) today about YouTube shutting down or hiding videos by vape reviewers & vape enthusiasts that prompted me to dig a little deeper & see what I could find. What I found stirred up some emotions & opinions that I would like to share, & I would like to know what y'all think.

    I listened to the WBUR "On Point" segment published on April 5, 2018 which you can listen to here. Apparently there was an earlier version in which the hosts discussed a teen who created a YouTube video that actually turned out to be Abby Vapes, a not-teenage woman who posts vape reviews & videos, but that version was taken down. At any rate, my understanding is that the main issue that is being brought to the table is the use of the JUUL by underage kids. In the segment I heard the hosts consulting a doctor who expressed concern about the addictive nature of the JUUL & how it's an "epidemic" among students that may lead to more serious addictions. I have opinions.

    First, what? Is the JUUL considered the new "gateway drug" as marijuana once was? Is this the Reefer Madness of 2018? If y'all will remember, Reefer Madness was a film meant to scare people away from marijuana by depicting the people who smoked it doing weird stuff that I've never seen anyone do unless they had just done cocaine (& even that's a stretch). I am quite honestly shocked that the JUUL is very specifically the target of fear right now. Aren't we facing an opioid crisis? Aren't children & adults alike dying from overdoses every hour in our country? Aren't doctors randomly prescribing opiates to quell pain that an Extra Strength Tylenol could fix? Not long ago I went the doctor with the flu. What was I prescribed despite being adamant that I DO NOT take opiates of any kind? Vicodin. VICODIN. What? I tore the prescription up right in front of that doctor & told him to give me some Tamiflu or something because he clearly was not listening to my words.

    Perhaps I'm biased because I am an adult who does not have kids, but I am blind to my bias. I have worked with children since I was a 13 & I adore them. I was once a child myself. Having been a child, I know with certainty that anything an adult told me not to do I did anyway. Oh, you want me to not skip class? Not speed? Not text & drive? Not smoke cigarettes? Well, I did all those things & way more. Why? I dunno. I just did. And I could. I was not closely monitored, I went to a huge high school, I had a little beat up car, & I had time to kill. My point is that teenagers have not changed so far as I can tell & kids will always find a way to do stuff we (adults) tell them not to. To clarify, I DO NOT want children vaping & I am not an advocate of underage consumption of anything of any kind. I'm just saying that I believe there are bigger issues at hand facing our nation's children. I could be wrong though, & I'm willing to take any feedback.

    Side Note: As a small part of the larger vaping community, I believe that every place should check & double-check IDs for anyone purchasing vape hardware & e-liquid. We do need to make sure that, as a community, we do not endorse underage consumption of our vape products. And I fully believe that we do a great job. Working for Savage I know that we take steps every day to ensure that we are not conversing with, selling to, or appealing to any person who is not of legal age. I believe that we do our part.

    While I'm ranting, I feel that I need to touch on underage consumption of alcohol. Can I just talk about that really quick? I always found a way to obtain & consume alcoholic beverages when I was not of legal age, which I know seems like an obscure fact but just hear me out. We KNOW the damage that alcohol does to the brain, liver, kidneys, & overall health. But what's this I see as I casually drive down the 405? A billboard for Bud Light? A luxurious model holding a bottle of Skyy vodka? Nice. Again, what did that doctor prescribe me for body aches from the flu? Vicodin? Nice. What is the common prescription written for literally any kid (me) who shows any sign of defiance or energy? The equivalent of amphetamine? Nice. All of these substances are so easy to get, so easy to consume, & scientifically proven to produce harmful effects. Yet we still have access to them. We as a society still can harm, or even kill, ourselves with substances that the government deems acceptable.

    The FDA is now coming down on the vape industry as a whole, putting us in the same category as tobacco & cigarettes & I simply do not agree with this conclusion. I don't. There's not enough evidence to say whether or not vaping is equally as harmful as anything else, & I think that there should be more research before the FDA comes storming in throwing around accusations & rules & talking about potential flavor bans & whatnot. Are these regulations the result of the loss of money of powerful people because Big Tobacco is losing money? I'm not sure, but if I'm free to breathe in the heinous air of Downtown LA (which kills my lungs every time I go) then I would like the freedom to vape. If I have the freedom to purchase & smoke cigarettes, then I would like the freedom to vape. If I have the freedom to obtain Vicodin for my flu, then I would like the freedom to vape. If I have the freedom to buy a drink at the bar, then I would like the freedom to vape. And I want the freedom to  vape flavorful e-juices that taste good.

    These are my opinions & I would love to hear what you think. Am I off-base? Is there a piece of the bigger picture that I'm not seeing? Am I so right that you literally can't even right now? Let me know! We want to hear from you!



    P.S. There is a multiple choice survey by CASAA that is meant to collect data for the open comment period for the FDA's proposed flavor ban & you have the opportunity for YOUR voice to be heard! Click here to participate in the survey!

    How To Rebuild Your RDA

    How To Rebuild Your RDA

    Hey Savages!

    Today we will be talking about how to rebuild your RDA! You can also watch the video here for your viewing pleasure.

    Note: The steps in this blog can be used for an RDA or an RTA. For this tutorial the RDA used is a Recoil Rebel.

    The tools you need:

    • cotton
    • coils (we used Medusa Coils that are pre-built & come with cotton)
    • scissors
    • wire cutters
    • pliers (you may not need these but they are good to have just in case)
    • small screwdriver (or a small tool to use to bend the wires/adjust the coils or cotton)
    • your RDA/RTA
    • a mod

    To begin, screw the deck on to the mod so that you have a stable place to build.

    The RDA we used is a 4 post design & there is 1 hole for each post. There are a few different ways that you place the coils, but we did a center build. If you don't know what that means it's okay! I (Kathryn) didn't know either. It just means that the coils will be in the center of the deck.

    Now you can open up your coils & take them out. For this next step we decided to space the coils, which isn't required but it reduces or eliminates hot spots that make your coils taste burned. (Shoutout to DJLSB Vapes for this great tip!) You'll slide one coil on to the small screwdriver (or tool of your choosing) & pull the coils apart so that they aren't touching each other. You can then take the other coil & repeat.


    Next you'll install the coils. Take one coil & insert one lead (the part of the coil that's straight) into one of the outside holes, and insert the other lead into the inside hole on the other side.

    Gently push the coil against the posts so that the leads are sticking out as far as they can go. While holding the coil against the posts use the tiny screwdriver to tighten the screws down onto the leads. Once you're finished tightening the screws, insert the screwdriver into the coil & pull the coil away from the posts just so that they aren't touching.


    Next, grab your wire cutters & clip the leads as close to the base as possible.

    Now you can do the same with the other coil, putting the leads into the the 2 empty holes. To make this process easier we put one lead in to the hole that is covered by the already installed coil first, measured approximately where to cut, & then made the cut. Then we were able to insert the second lead into the hole that is not covered by the first coil, tighten the screws, & then cut the remaining lead.

    Once the screws are tightened you can pull the coil away from the posts just like you did for the first coil.

    Now you'll want to fire the mod until the coils are glowing evenly from the inside out.

    The next step is the cotton. A cotton pad came with our pack of coils but the following instructions can be used with any cotton pad. You'll want to cut 2 strips of about 1/8 of the pad each, keeping in mind that the strips will need to fit inside of the coils. You'll then peel off the first layer of each side of the strips. The cotton will then look really fluffy on each side.

    Take each strip of cotton & roll one end of each strip to look like the following:

    Allow the coils to fully cool & then stick the rolled end of each strip of cotton into the coils- one strip for each coil.

    Then you'll trim the cotton to look like the following:

    Take the small screwdriver & push the cotton down into the deck. To get better airflow we suggest pushing the cotton into the deck on the sides of the coils rather than under them.

    You did it! Now time for the juice! Grab a flavor of your choosing & drip it over the cotton & coils.

    Once you're done putting the juice on, fire the mod until there's vapor!


    Place the top on & you're ready to vape!

    Thanks so much for reading & remember to #StaySavage!




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    My First Vape Toy

    My First Vape Toy

    Hey Savages!

    Welcome to an impromptu blog brought to you by a meme that has re-emerged within our office: My First Vape.

    Chris came running to my (Kathryn) desk the other day yelling about this toy because he'd never seen it before, & our office hasn't been the same since. The majority of us think it's hilarious. I run our company Pinterest & I made the executive decision to create a "Vape Meme" board because the internet is saturated with memes that accurately describe & poke fun at vape culture.

    I Googled this toy & came across some amazing content that sparked the writing of this blog. I didn't have to dig too deep to find tweets by outraged parents & non-parents making statements like "This is why kids start smoking early..." & calling the toy a "stepping stone." Upon further internet investigation I found that My First Vape is not the only fictional vape toy that has been created, but it is the only one that went viral.

    Adam Padilla jumped on the apparent panic of society & created upset with a well-executed meme & it's not the first time either. He also created this gem:

    The Happy Hour Playset. I personally love social commentary of all kinds, particularly when it pertains to something that I can relate to.

    I have been around long enough to have asked a restaurant host to seat me in the "smoking" section, to have seen the delightful magazine ads for Marlboro with beautiful women smoking, to have held a candy cigarette to feel grown up. I smoked my first cigarette on the slide of a playground when I was 12 from a pack that my childhood friend stole from her mom.

    I don't see the same glorification of vaping as I did with cigarettes or even drinking alcohol. As a graphic designer I work with the marketing team to make sure that we don't put out content that may appeal to children. While we may not succeed 100% of the time, we do try. The thing about kids is that they will get into stuff. Having been a child myself, I know that I did whatever my friends were doing as well as anything else that looked like fun. Even if My First Vape were a real toy I don't believe that it would be a "stepping stone" any more than candy cigarettes were.

    In conclusion, I think that My First Vape is a clever, hilarious, well-executed meme that we as a vape community can laugh about.

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