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    Blog — nic salt

    InfiniX Review

    InfiniX Review

    Hey Savages!

    Today we are reviewing the InfiniX by Smok! You can also click here to watch the YouTube review.

    For this review we ordered the starter kit that has:

    • 2 refillable pods
    • the battery
    • a bottle for easy filling
    • warranty cards
    • micro USB charging cable

    To fill the pod, lift the black rubber grommet that is on the side of the pod & fill with your juice of choice, then push the grommet back into place. Let the pod sit for 5-8 minutes to make sure you don't burn the coil! After you let it sit you can insert the pod into the battery & you're ready to vape!

    This is a draw activated device & when you're vaping there's an indicator light at the top of the battery that is blue when it's activated & red when it needs to be charged or is charging.

    Our first impression of this pod system is that it's not made very well. The pod is magnetized & does fit into the battery, but it's a very weak magnet & it feels as though the pod could fall out at any moment. The battery is pretty small so you'll definitely either want to carry a second vape or the charging cable. It's a pocket sized device that is pretty standard with other pod systems. It vapes really well & the juice that we used is easily recognizable & tastes good. But really we wish that Smok had come out with an original system, or at least an original looking system that is made better. Otherwise, this is a pretty basic system that is a good enough option as far as pod systems go.

    That's all we have for today! Thank you for reading & remember to #StaySavage!




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    Mate1 Review

    Mate1 Review

    Hey Savages!

    Today we will be reviewing the Mate1 kit by Vapeccino. You can also click here to watch the review on YouTube.

    For this review we picked up the kit, which includes:

    • the battery
    • 2 blue rubber stoppers
    • instruction booklet
    • 1 refillable pod
    • 1 micro USB charging cable

    Take the pod & the battery out of their boxes. The pod is refillable, so you get to choose what e-liquid you vape! To fill the pod, you'll pull out the blue rubber stopper to reveal a small hole & this is where you'll fill the pod. Once you're finished filling the pod, push the blue stopper back into the hole. Let the pod sit for 5-8 minutes so that you don't burn the coil.

    Now you can insert the pod into the battery! Something we love about this pod system is that the pod clicks into the battery, & then the device vibrates to indicate that you're ready to vape. It is draw activated, so once the pod is inserted to the battery you just inhale to vape!

    What we like about it: The Mate1 is the perfect pocket size & fits easily in your hand. It uses a traditional micro USB charger that you can just plug in to the bottom of the device which is very convenient. There's also a small circular light at the bottom of the battery that indicates when you're vaping, when it needs to charge, & when it's charging. Another great aspect of this pod system is that you can vape mouth-to-lung or direct-to-lung, & it does both very well. The kit does only come with 1 pod so you'll need to pick up more, but that's pretty standard with any open pod system.

    What we aren't crazy about: The blue rubber stopper. It's not attached to the pod at all & it's so small that it could easily get lost.

    Overall, we would definitely recommend this device! It's affordable ($20-$30) & so are pods (about $7 for 2), it's compact, & the taste of our e-liquid is great.

    That's all we have for today! Thanks for reading & remember to #StaySavage!




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    Phix Review

    Phix Review

    Hey Savages!

    Today we are going to review the Phix! You can also watch the entire review here on YouTube.


    For this review we picked up the starter kit which contains:

    • a charging cable
    • the battery (the large black piece)
    • 1 pod (tobacco flavor)


    The Phix has a few different flavor pods that are available for purchase, including strawberry, mint, menthol melon, & a custard/creme brûlée flavor.


    The pod comes with a tan cap (the cap color indicates the flavor) that you pull off to expose a metal piece. You'll insert the metal piece into the hole on the battery & the pod is magnetic so you don't have to snap it into place. This is a draw-activated device, which means that you just need to inhale & you don't need to press any buttons to vape. So just slip the pod into the battery & you're ready to vape!


    The charging cable is a little bit different than other pod systems only because you put the put the battery into a small charging port instead of plugging it in. It's a USB cable so you can plug it in to your computer or into a wall charger. The battery for the Phix is pretty small, so if it's the only device you're using we recommend keeping the charging cable with you or using it with another device if you vape a lot. There is a white indicator light on the top of battery that lights up when it's activated (when you're vaping it) & then it blinks when the device needs to be charged.


    The Phix came out a while ago & it's still a great pod system. Each pod has 50 mg of nicotine, which is pretty standard, & we enjoy all of the flavors that they have. If you're looking for a great pod system, if you're trying to quit smoking, then the Phix is something we would definitely recommend!


    That's all for today! Thank you so much for reading & remember to #StaySavage !




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    JUUL Review

    JUUL Review

    Hey Savages!

    Today we are reviewing the JUUL & you can watch the full review here.

    The JUUL is a pod system that you can pick up in most gas stations. In the box you'll get the JUUL itself, 4 different flavored pods that include tobacco & mint (50 mg), & a USB charging mount.

    Chris loves the JUUL. It's a simple re-loadable pod system that is draw-activated. There's tiny indicator light that signals when it's been activated & when it needs to be charged. You can just tap the side of the JUUL to activate the light to see if you need to charge it! Green means it's fully charged, yellow means it's running low, & red means that you need to charge.

    A couple of issues with the JUUL is that sometimes the indicator light randomly flashes, & sometimes juice leaks from the pod into the battery area. We're not sure about the light, but Chris has found a way to solve the leaking juice!

    Take the flavor pod out, then gently stick a key or another small implement into the hole & gently push. The battery part will slide out of the bottom & from there you can wipe off excess juice & see if there are any issues inside that may cause the juice to leak.

    Once you're finished you can gently slide the battery back in, making sure that the indicator light is correctly lined up with the hole on the shell. You can then pop on a juice pod & you're ready to vape!

    The JUUL can last a long time, but we've found that about every 4-6 months it needs to be replaced. Whether it's because the device disappears into a couch (this happens frequently) or the juice begins to leak too much, 4-6 months is the average amount of time that passes before it needs to be replaced.

    The JUUL is a great option for anyone who vapes. Even if you're new & you're looking to quit smoking, this is a great option to start with because it's easy, it's portable, & you get a hit similar to a cigarette.

    That's all we have for today! Thank you so much for reading & remember to #staysavage !



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    Hey Savages!

    Today we’re going to review the Mi-Pod! You can also watch the review with Brittany here.

    The Mi-Pod is a pod system- similar to the Suorin Drop. Inside the box you’ll find a warranty paper, a user manual, 2 re-fillable pods, the actual device/battery, a micro-USB cable, & a string thing. The Mi-Pod is a re-fillable pod system, which means you can fill it with whatever juice you want. (Side Note: if you’re following us on Snapchat you can see Matt, our Social Media Manager, using his Mi-Pod pretty much every day).

    The first thing you’ll want to do is fill the pod with juice. It doesn’t really matter which juice you use (Matt uses 3mg Straw Nanners & it works great for him) but this system works the best with a more viscous juice (50/50 vg/pg, 60/40 vg/pg, or just high vg) or Nic salts. Also, to clarify, the pod is the black see-through part. On the bottom of the pod you’ll see a white rubber grommet. Pull up that grommet & there’s a hole- this is where you fill the pod with juice. Don’t put juice in the already exposed hole. As a not-terribly experienced vaper (by the way, this is Kathryn) that’s exactly what I thought I needed to do & apparently the juice will just leak through the other side. Anyway, fill the pod & then close the rubber grommet, gently wiping away any excess juice.

    Now you can place the pod into the device. There are 2 gold pieces on the bottom of the pod & you’ll want to line them up with the gold pieces inside the device. There’s a little bit of resistance, so just pop it in.

    Time to vape! This is a draw activated system, which means the device will fire when you inhale & there aren’t any buttons to press. Plug the micro-USB into the port on the device to charge. This device has LED lights to alert you when it needs to be charged (purple), when it’s charging (blue), when you’re inhaling (blue), & when it’s turned back on (red). You can also turn it on & off, which is really nice. There’s a small black button on the side under the charging port & you’ll quickly press it 5 times to turn it off, & pressing it 5 times again will turn it back on.

    Overall, the Mi-Pod is great & we like it. The only complaint that we have is that it tends to spit juice. If you’re vaping Nic salts, getting the high-nic juice in your mouth isn’t great. But again, this is the only complaint that we have.

    The coils for this device last around 2 weeks, but the exact length of time depends on each individual. Again, the Mi-Pod uses re-fillable pods. So you’ll need to buy more of those but they are fairly easy to find & you can definitely order them online.

    That’s all for today! Thanks for reading, check out our YouTube video, & remember to #staysavage!

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