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    Blog — salt nic juice

    What to know about Nic Salt Vape Juice

    What to know about Nic Salt Vape Juice

    Hey Vape Juicers!

    We have seen increased activity on a top - 50mg nic salt vape juice, or better known has high mg nic vape salt. Is it safe? What's the difference? How do I vape it?

    All great questions! Here are some of our opinions:

    Here's what we believe and how we function with these new salt based vape juice.(s)


    Nicotine Salt is a purer more potent form of nicotine which allows it to absorb in your body differently and is way smoother. Why is it smoother? We believe there is less "cut" or unneeded chemicals in Nicotine Salt. This can mean that you may need to vape less to get the desired feeling from your vape experience. 

    A variety of different nic salt vape juice has popped up recently and we've seen the general Nicotine levels being 35mg and 50mg.

    The way to vape it would be in a low wattage device such as a suorin air, or suorin drop, smoant, and devices along those lines.


    If your interested in Nicotine Salt Juices, check ours out here -> Here