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    Blog — savage eliquid

    Pods or Mods?

    Pods or Mods?

    Pods or Mods?

     This is a question that gets asked all the time.  Or better yet, people want to know what is the best mod out there, or what mod should they use with this tank, or what is the best pod system with the best flavor? 
    The great part of having so many device options out there is that you can really customize your device to your vaping style all the way down to the color and look of your vaping equipment.  The bad thing about all the options is not knowing which device to buy, and that’s what this blog is all about.
    Let’s talk about box mods and tanks first.  Here are the pros of box mods. If you have been vaping for a while you are pretty familiar with box mods and sub-ohm tanks.  There are a lot of buttons, you can adjust to your desired wattage, you can use the temperature control setting and a lot of times you can even change the color of the screen to match which is pretty cool.  Most people will top their box mod with a sub ohm tank or an RDA (rebuildable dripping atomizer) because they need more wattage to power their coils or coil heads which box mods are setup up to do very well- that’s actually what they are designed for. 
    Box mods come in all different shapes, sizes, brands, and colors, and most of them on the market today work in very similar fashion.  When deciding which one to buy, it really just comes down to what you want your box mod to look like and how much you want to spend, because they range from very expensive to very inexpensive. You also want to make sure you are buying from a well know brand like Smok, Asmodus, Vaporesso, dotMod, or even Smoant.  We recommend something from Vaporesso just because they have a menu button which makes navigating the menu so much easier.  As with anything, do some research first, read reviews, watch YouTube reviews (click here to watch a few we have done) and talk to other vapers before making a decision. If you choose a box mod from a reputable company, you should have a great vaping experience. 
    What are the cons of box mods?  The way we see it there are a few.  Once you have purchased your box mod, you will need to buy batteries separately to power it.  Most box mods require 2x18650 batteries.  After that, it is recommended to charge those batteries in a battery charger which you will also need to purchase separately.  Once you have purchased those things, you will need a tank or RDA if the box mod did not come as a kit, and finally, you need to buy e-liquid (click here to try the Sweet Collection by Vape100).  So, as you can see, going with a box mod can be expensive at first with all the accessories you need to buy initially just to start using your device.
    The other downfall of box mods is simply their size and weight.  They are usually pretty bulky and don’t fit very well in the pocket of your jeans.  They tend to be fairly heavy as well which adds weight to your purse or backpack.  If you travel a lot like some of us do here, having to bring your box mod and your batteries, and the battery charger and then your e-liquid with you on your trip can be a big hassle and not very travel-friendly. 
    So are box mods the way to go?  Really only you can answer that. It essentially comes down to your vaping style as well as your lifestyle and, maybe most importantly, your vaping budget. 
    Now, let’s talk about pod systems and their pros and cons. 
    Most pod systems out there are much like box mods in that they all perform in a very similar fashion it just depends on what you want your device to look like aesthetically.  Pod systems are great because most of them come as a kit.  You get the battery (which is rechargeable, and you don’t have to buy separately) and one or even two empty pods when you purchase your pod system for the first time.  Already, this is much cheaper than buying a box mod. This is great if your vaping budget is the deciding factor. 
    The second pro, in our opinion, is the size of most pod systems.  They are very small, most fit in the palm of your hand making them easy to put into your pocket, purse or backpack.  If you travel a lot, you need to have a pod system in your rotation because they are so compact and all you have to bring with you is your bottle of e-liquid and a micro USB cord to charge it. 
    Another pro of pod systems is that you can use any e-liquid or even vape-able CBD (Click here to shop CBD) with all of them, they are not just for nic salts.  So, if you only vape 3mg, you can put that right into a pod system and vape away.  Of course, they don’t have as much power as a box mod but it’s nice to know that is an option. 
    Now, let’s talk about the cons.  The first and probably most glaring con is the expense and potential inconvenience of having to buy replacement pods for your device.  A pack of replacement pods ranges anywhere from $5-$15 and that can sometimes be for just one replacement pod, so this can add up pretty quickly. So, while the initial investment was much cheaper than a box mod, the money goes quick after that.
    Another potential con for pod systems is the amount of power or if you would rather the lack of functions on the device.  Most pod systems have a set wattage and that’s what you are stuck with.  If you use pod systems to only vape nic salts, this isn’t so bad, but if you vape 3mg you may not be very satisfied with a pod system because of the lack of power, hence why a lot of people use box mods who don’t vape nic salts (Need nic salts? Click here to shop our selection).
    Lastly, a lot of times the replacement pods you need your local vape shop may have stopped carrying them or they are out of stock online, and without the specific pod for your device, it is unusable.  There is nothing worse than when you have a burnt pod and no replacements. 
    So box mods or pods?  We vote pods because they are cheaper to buy upfront, much more convenient for everyday life and if you travel, they are a blessing, really.  Ultimately you need to figure out how you like to vape and what device will fit your lifestyle the best.  At the end of the day, as long as you are not smoking cigarettes does it really matter what device you are using? 
    Did you just get a new box mod or pod system?  Click here to shop our huge selection of e-liquid to start using your brand new device 



    Hey Savages!

    Welcome back! Today is a blog about a vlog, which you can watch here.

    First, merch. We have a new item in the Savage merch collection: embroidered snap-backs. Theys are white with either black or pink embroidery that says SAVAGE & honestly, I (Kathryn) love them. I have the pink one, it’s super cute, & you can get one here.

    Next, shows. Next week (March 22nd & 23rd) Brittany & Josh will be going to Brooklyn. This is a B to B (business to business) show that will include some reviewers & press, but if you’ll be there be sure to stop by!

    Shows are very exciting & a lot of work. The day before the show is usually set-up day, which, according to Brittany, is the least glamorous day. There’s basically a giant room filled with people setting up their booths- putting together backdrops, setting up display cases, pull-up banners, lights, unboxing product, & setting up the testing bars. This year Brittany will be in Colorado, Virginia, Chicago, Greece, Germany, Italy, & possibly China & the UK so be sure to stay tuned!

    On to nic salts. We get a lot of questions on all of our platforms asking things like “What are nic salts?” & “How do I vape them?” & these are great questions. Nic salts are a purer form of nicotine base. It’s a base, it’s nicotine, it’s a liquid, & it’s a purer form of nicotine than just a regular 3mg juice. They are great for pod systems & they enable manufacturers (like Savage) to make juices with higher mg’s of nicotine, like 35mg or 50mg. If you’re a new vaper or if you’re looking to quit smoking, pod systems & nic salts are a great option & you can check out our blogs on the Suorin Drop here or the Mi-Pod here. There’s speculation that Savage could eventually make 3mg & 6mg nic salts which would be awesome, & hopefully that’s something that we will see.

    Next up is CBD. We do sell Savage CBD & we have 3 flavors (with a 4th in the making!) in 250mg, 500mg, 750mg, & 1000mg:

    Driven- blue raspberry candy

    Passion- watermelon candy

    Serene- green apple candy

    One of the questions that we are asked the most often is “Can I mix my CBD with nicotine?” & the definitive answer is no. Don’t do that. You should keep them separate & use separate tanks. If you have tried our 750mg or 1000mg CBD & you notice that it’s a little clumpy, don’t worry. that’s totally normal. Just give it a good shake & you’re good. Also, what’s cool about our CBD is that it’s not just for vaping. You can drop it into your water, put it in a sandwich, or just put it on your tongue!

    Why do people use CBD? We can’t speak for everyone, but Brittany vapes it at shows. After standing, walking, talking & moving for 8-12 hours at a show her back & feet hurt, so she’ll vape it & it relieves that pain. She also sometimes vapes it before she sleeps as it quiets her mind a little bit. So really the reasons vary, but ultimately we find it helpful in terms of easing pain or assisting in getting some sleep.

    Can you pass a drug test after vaping our CBD? We do put our CBD through rigorous testing & according to the labs it contains untraceable amounts of THC. With that being said, if you need to pass a drug test, maybe don’t take the risk. It’s really up to you, & we can’t guarantee anything, but in general we recommend that you use your best judgement. You can buy our CBD here. If you’ve tried our CBD & you like it, mention us to your local store!

    The last part is that Brittany needs an outfit for her sister’s wedding. She wants to channel Ellen DeGeneres (she’s a very stylish lady) for her Maid of Honor attire & isn’t entirely sure where to get that look. If you have any suggestions please leave a comment. I fully plan on being a part of the outfit choosing process so I will gladly pass on any knowledge y’all have to Brittany. Some important wedding details: it’s in Colorado, the color scheme includes burgundy, it’s in November, & she will be in a lot of photos.

    That’s all for today! Thank you for reading, take care, & remember to #staysavage!

    P.S. If you want some great deals & coupons (who doesn’t?) sent directly to your Facebook messenger click here!

    Marketing Vlog - Savage E-Liquid's Marketing in 2018

    Marketing Vlog - Savage E-Liquid's Marketing in 2018

    Hey Savages!

    We posted a vlog recently on YouTube about our marketing & an interview with Kathryn. You can find it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DjnpEGCQqfk&t=449s


    Amidst some hilarious banter, Brittany & I (Kathryn) discuss our new marketing strategy. To begin, we are currently using each platform as it was meant to be used. We are posting content that is not only relevant to each platform, but relevant to each audience.


    Let’s start with Twitter. I am on Twitter throughout the day to not only post Savage updates & promotions, but to interact with our followers. Sometimes I have random thoughts & I share them. Sometimes I talk about our juice. Sometimes I retweet videos, pictures, etc. that is sent to us by YOU. And I love it. I love Twitter & I love interacting with everyone.


    Now for Snapchat. I am also on Snapchat throughout the day. I take you behind the scenes of Savage, & my regular life, in real time. This is the way that Snapchat is meant to function. There are always exciting things going on & I really enjoy sharing it, & receiving videos & pictures from our followers.


    Pinterest is a brand new endeavor for all of us here at Savage, & I am also behind that platform. Currently I am building our boards & exploring! I look forward to pinning & re-pinning & getting engaged with our followers in a new way.


    Instagram. We are re-vamping our Instagram. Brittany is the mastermind behind this platform & she is focusing on the vape lifestyle. We’ve all seen bottle shots, bottle shots, & more bottle shots all day every day. Now, it’s time for what we, as vapers, do every day. We are versatile, we are active, we are individuals, & at Savage we are really trying to emphasize that we appreciate the vape community. Also, we are utilizing the story feature. All day everyday Brittany is posting stories & giveaways & amazing contests that we all really enjoy. In addition to the Savage E-liquid Instagram, we have Savage CBD & Vape 100 which are both run by our Social Media Manager, Matt. We are utilizing the same ideas for those accounts as well, so be sure to check them out!


    Brittany runs Facebook as well, & we have re-vamped that platform to contain content that is useful (& fun!). While we have giveaways & fun posts, Brittany searches for articles & videos that will serve the vape community. We use Facebook to give information & receive information from our followers about vaping.


    YouTube is where we post our videos. We have so much content! We have started to post interviews with the people who work at Savage, behind the scenes footage, & so much more. With the new videos we’ve been posting, we’ve made them into podcasts. PODCASTS. That means you can listen to the audio of our YouTube videos now! It’s another brand new endeavor & we work hard to make sure that our content is informative & entertaining. Side note: if you don’t have an iPhone, we are also on Soundcloud.


    We are going in a new direction & we want you to come with us! Follow us on social media to see what we’re up to & remember to #staysavage.



    Twitter: @savage_eliquid

    Snapchat: savageeliquid

    Pinterest: Savage E-Liquid

    Instagram: savage.eliquid & savagecbd & vape100.co

    Facebook: Savage E-Liquid

    YouTube: Savage E-Liquid

    Podcast & Soundcloud: Savage E-Liquid


    P.S. Want some great discounts? Click here to get them straight to your email!

    Mate1 Review

    Mate1 Review

    Hey Savages!

    Today we will be reviewing the Mate1 kit by Vapeccino. You can also click here to watch the review on YouTube.

    For this review we picked up the kit, which includes:

    • the battery
    • 2 blue rubber stoppers
    • instruction booklet
    • 1 refillable pod
    • 1 micro USB charging cable

    Take the pod & the battery out of their boxes. The pod is refillable, so you get to choose what e-liquid you vape! To fill the pod, you'll pull out the blue rubber stopper to reveal a small hole & this is where you'll fill the pod. Once you're finished filling the pod, push the blue stopper back into the hole. Let the pod sit for 5-8 minutes so that you don't burn the coil.

    Now you can insert the pod into the battery! Something we love about this pod system is that the pod clicks into the battery, & then the device vibrates to indicate that you're ready to vape. It is draw activated, so once the pod is inserted to the battery you just inhale to vape!

    What we like about it: The Mate1 is the perfect pocket size & fits easily in your hand. It uses a traditional micro USB charger that you can just plug in to the bottom of the device which is very convenient. There's also a small circular light at the bottom of the battery that indicates when you're vaping, when it needs to charge, & when it's charging. Another great aspect of this pod system is that you can vape mouth-to-lung or direct-to-lung, & it does both very well. The kit does only come with 1 pod so you'll need to pick up more, but that's pretty standard with any open pod system.

    What we aren't crazy about: The blue rubber stopper. It's not attached to the pod at all & it's so small that it could easily get lost.

    Overall, we would definitely recommend this device! It's affordable ($20-$30) & so are pods (about $7 for 2), it's compact, & the taste of our e-liquid is great.

    That's all we have for today! Thanks for reading & remember to #StaySavage!




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    How To Rebuild Your RDA

    How To Rebuild Your RDA

    Hey Savages!

    Today we will be talking about how to rebuild your RDA! You can also watch the video here for your viewing pleasure.

    Note: The steps in this blog can be used for an RDA or an RTA. For this tutorial the RDA used is a Recoil Rebel.

    The tools you need:

    • cotton
    • coils (we used Medusa Coils that are pre-built & come with cotton)
    • scissors
    • wire cutters
    • pliers (you may not need these but they are good to have just in case)
    • small screwdriver (or a small tool to use to bend the wires/adjust the coils or cotton)
    • your RDA/RTA
    • a mod

    To begin, screw the deck on to the mod so that you have a stable place to build.

    The RDA we used is a 4 post design & there is 1 hole for each post. There are a few different ways that you place the coils, but we did a center build. If you don't know what that means it's okay! I (Kathryn) didn't know either. It just means that the coils will be in the center of the deck.

    Now you can open up your coils & take them out. For this next step we decided to space the coils, which isn't required but it reduces or eliminates hot spots that make your coils taste burned. (Shoutout to DJLSB Vapes for this great tip!) You'll slide one coil on to the small screwdriver (or tool of your choosing) & pull the coils apart so that they aren't touching each other. You can then take the other coil & repeat.


    Next you'll install the coils. Take one coil & insert one lead (the part of the coil that's straight) into one of the outside holes, and insert the other lead into the inside hole on the other side.

    Gently push the coil against the posts so that the leads are sticking out as far as they can go. While holding the coil against the posts use the tiny screwdriver to tighten the screws down onto the leads. Once you're finished tightening the screws, insert the screwdriver into the coil & pull the coil away from the posts just so that they aren't touching.


    Next, grab your wire cutters & clip the leads as close to the base as possible.

    Now you can do the same with the other coil, putting the leads into the the 2 empty holes. To make this process easier we put one lead in to the hole that is covered by the already installed coil first, measured approximately where to cut, & then made the cut. Then we were able to insert the second lead into the hole that is not covered by the first coil, tighten the screws, & then cut the remaining lead.

    Once the screws are tightened you can pull the coil away from the posts just like you did for the first coil.

    Now you'll want to fire the mod until the coils are glowing evenly from the inside out.

    The next step is the cotton. A cotton pad came with our pack of coils but the following instructions can be used with any cotton pad. You'll want to cut 2 strips of about 1/8 of the pad each, keeping in mind that the strips will need to fit inside of the coils. You'll then peel off the first layer of each side of the strips. The cotton will then look really fluffy on each side.

    Take each strip of cotton & roll one end of each strip to look like the following:

    Allow the coils to fully cool & then stick the rolled end of each strip of cotton into the coils- one strip for each coil.

    Then you'll trim the cotton to look like the following:

    Take the small screwdriver & push the cotton down into the deck. To get better airflow we suggest pushing the cotton into the deck on the sides of the coils rather than under them.

    You did it! Now time for the juice! Grab a flavor of your choosing & drip it over the cotton & coils.

    Once you're done putting the juice on, fire the mod until there's vapor!


    Place the top on & you're ready to vape!

    Thanks so much for reading & remember to #StaySavage!




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