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    Blog — smok

    InfiniX Review

    InfiniX Review

    Hey Savages!

    Today we are reviewing the InfiniX by Smok! You can also click here to watch the YouTube review.

    For this review we ordered the starter kit that has:

    • 2 refillable pods
    • the battery
    • a bottle for easy filling
    • warranty cards
    • micro USB charging cable

    To fill the pod, lift the black rubber grommet that is on the side of the pod & fill with your juice of choice, then push the grommet back into place. Let the pod sit for 5-8 minutes to make sure you don't burn the coil! After you let it sit you can insert the pod into the battery & you're ready to vape!

    This is a draw activated device & when you're vaping there's an indicator light at the top of the battery that is blue when it's activated & red when it needs to be charged or is charging.

    Our first impression of this pod system is that it's not made very well. The pod is magnetized & does fit into the battery, but it's a very weak magnet & it feels as though the pod could fall out at any moment. The battery is pretty small so you'll definitely either want to carry a second vape or the charging cable. It's a pocket sized device that is pretty standard with other pod systems. It vapes really well & the juice that we used is easily recognizable & tastes good. But really we wish that Smok had come out with an original system, or at least an original looking system that is made better. Otherwise, this is a pretty basic system that is a good enough option as far as pod systems go.

    That's all we have for today! Thank you for reading & remember to #StaySavage!




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    T-Priv Kit Review

    T-Priv Kit Review

    Hey Savages!

    Today we are going to review the T-Priv Kit by Smok! We also have a video of the review which you can watch here 🙂

    For this review we picked up the kit, & inside you'll find:

    • T-Priv mod
    • instruction booklet
    • battery safety card
    • certificate of authenticity
    • extra o-rings
    • extra coil
    • micro USB charging cable
    • vape bands (to protect the tank from breaking)
    • Big Baby tank
    • spare glass (for the tank)

    The Big Baby tank is a basic sub-ohm situation. It comes fully assembled in the kit so really all that you need to do is unscrew the bottom piece (ours is silver, but the color of the tank pieces will depend on what color mod you have) to prime the coil that sits within the bottom piece, & then you screw it back on to the tank. The top part of the tank (the part with the drip tip) has a feature where you can slide over a small door to reveal a kidney shaped hole & this is where you can fill the tank.

    On to the mod! It's a dual 18650 mod, meaning you'll need 2 18650 batteries in order to make the mod work. There's a door at the bottom that you'll open to access the battery, & the battery orientation that's required to make the device work is clearly marked. Once the batteries are placed inside in the correct orientation & you click the door shut, the mod will light up to indicate that you're almost ready to vape!

    Note: If the batteries are not inserted correctly the mod will not light up or turn on.

    On the mod there is a black bar that takes up an entire side- this is the fire button. Or fire bar, really. You'll push this bar 5 times in succession to turn on the device. The screen is a small black area at the top of the mod that will light up when the device is activated. Once the screen turns on you'll be able to see a few numbers & pictures that indicate the wattage, battery power, ohms, volts, & the number 0.0. The 0.0 at the bottom of the screen will tell you how long your puff is.

    If you click the fire bar 3 times you'll be taken to the menu. After the 3 clicks you'll see "Mode" then you click the fire bar again & see "Puff," click, "Color," click, "Settings," click, "Power," click again & you're back to "Mode."

    When you get to "Mode" press & hold the fire bar to open that menu option. When the option is opened you'll see an option for "Watt" & then if you press the fire bar again the option "Temp" will appear. For now we will stick with "Temp." Press & hold the fire bar to bring up a "Strength" option. This is where you can adjust the wattage using the 2 small black buttons on the side below the screen. Use the left button to bring the wattage down & use the right button to bring the wattage up. If you press & hold the fire bar again you can choose what kind of coil you're using. Press & hold again for more adjustments within the coil option.

    If you click through the menu again & go to the "Color" option, you can click through an array of different colors that will light up throughout the device. You can also choose how often you want the lights to turn on, when they turn on, whether they flash or fade, & if you want them off altogether.

    There are so many more options for this device & I would recommend watching our video to view all of the things!

    What we like about the T-Priv: the LED lights are neat, the large fire bar is easy to use, & the device is well-made.

    What don't like about the T-Priv: the up/down buttons are pretty small, the menu system is generally pretty easy to understand but it's still very complex & unnecessary for our needs, the instruction booklet is not clear or does not address how to navigate through the menu, the screen placement is strange (but we do understand why they chose that location), & the LEDs are cool but they don't serve a particularly important purpose for us.

    Most of what we don't like about this device is purely based on personal preference & it's not due to any failure on the part of Smok. Overall, this is a pretty good option for anyone who vapes. It has a reasonable price point ($40-$50) & gets the job done with some pretty great features.

    That's all we have for today! Thank you so much for reading & remember to #StaySavage!



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    VAPING Q & A

    VAPING Q & A

    Hey Savages!

    Today we are answering questions about vaping! Whether you’re new to the vaping game or have been in it for years, this Q&A is helpful. Click here to watch the YouTube video. The format of this blog will be a little different than usual so that you can easily follow along. Enjoy!

    Q: What are the differences between mods?

    A: For this answer Brittany used 2 mods. The first one is the VooPoo Drag which is a dual 18650 box mod. The “dual 18650” part is referring to the batteries (18650 is the size of the batteries) & how many the mod uses (dual- so it uses 2). 18650 is the universal battery size & most mods use them. You can charge the batteries by plugging it in to a charging cord or by using a separate battery charger. Once charged, the batteries slip into the battery place (Brittany calls this a sled) in the correct orientation (+ & -). This is a high-wattage mod, which means it can run things that are low ohms. Ok, so what does this mean? What are low ohms? This is referring to your coil. Coils can be high ohms, low ohms, & in-between ohms. You can figure out what wattage you need to set your mod at by following Ohms Law (click here for an Ohms Law calculator). This mod doesn’t come in a kit, so you’ll need to purchase a tank separately.

    The second mod is the Suorin Air & this is a pod system. It’s much smaller & you can only plug it in to a micro-USB to charge. The battery comes with a pod which you fill with whatever juice you’d like, though we like to use nic salts. It’s small, it’s convenient & we love it. Check out our blog on the Suorin Drop for more information!

    Q: How do I clean & maintain my device?

    A: Maintenance & care of your device is very important. Pro Tip: Don’t just run water over your device & don’t submerge it. You can safely & easily clean your device with a paper towel, wiping away juice or debris gently. Cleaning once a week is a great idea. Take the tank apart & gently rinse with water (no soap), then dry it with a paper towel. Caring for your device is similar to caring for your phone- store at room temperature, avoid extremes (like leaving it in your hot car or storing it in the refrigerator), keep it upright, try not to drop it or throw it around. If you take care of it, your device will have a longer lifespan.

    Q: How do I store my juice?

    A: Store juice at room temperature. If it’s sitting in a hot car then the integrity of the juice is compromised & it won’t taste good anymore, & the same goes for cold temperatures. We recommend keeping juice out of direct sunlight.

    Q: How do I travel with my vape gear?

    A: Rule #1 is you never want to check batteries. Always bring them & the rest of your vape gear in your carry-on. Place batteries in a plastic battery case. Put your juice into a plastic bag as you do with other liquids when traveling. There shouldn’t be any issues with bringing your gear through the airport, but be sure to use your best judgement.

    Q: How do I charge my batteries?

    A: You can either plug it in (most mods come with a USB charging option) or you can use an external battery charger. It’s really up to you & your preferences, or what you have available. The great thing about the external battery charger is that they will charge your batteries at the same time so that they will have the same charge.

    Q: How do I make a coil? Should I stick with store-bought coils?

    A: It depends on what tank you have. If you have an RDA (Re-buildable Dripping Atomizer) then you can either build your own coils (which is easy & fun) or you can buy coils (which is easy). There are a lot of tutorials of how to do builds out there & you can check out one that Grimm Green did here. With this tank you just drip the liquid into the top & vape.

    If you have an RTA (Re-buildable Tank Atomizer) then you can make or buy the coils as you would with an RDA, but there’s an actual tank that you’ll fill with the juice.

    If you have a Sub Ohm tank, then you’ll just buy the coil heads & screw them into the base. They aren’t re-buildable. Pro-Tip: Do some research & make sure that you choose a tank that has coils readily available in shops so that you can easily buy replacements.

    Q: Can I mix juice flavors?

    A: This is up to you. BUT no matter what kind of coil you have, the flavor you will taste will primarily be the original juice that you put on the cotton & coil. So just use your own judgement regarding which flavors might be great together & which flavors might not be great together.

    Q: Can I wash & reuse my coils?

    A: It depends on what kind of coils you have. For RDA’s & RTA’s, the answer is yes. You can rinse the coils & reuse them. If you have a Sub Ohm coil, the answer is no. These are disposable, so once they are done you’ll throw it away & put in a new one.

    Q: How many watts should I be using?

    A: You’ll need to refer to the Ohms Law calculator again for a technical answer. Brittany chooses to adjust the wattage according to taste. So start low on the wattage (maybe 30), see how it tastes, and then increase the wattage as needed.

    These are all the questions that we have, but if you have any feel free to comment! We hope you enjoyed this blog, we’ll see you next time, & remember to #staysavage.


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    Hey Savages!

    Today we will be reviewing the Smok Tech V8 Stick Kit! You can also watch the full review here.

    The Smok Tech V8 Stick Kit is a mod & tank combo kit. This kit comes with:

    a battery
    the Big Baby Beast tank
    a coil head
    spare glass
    a micro USB charging cord
    The assembly is very easy. Take the base (the metal piece with the holes) & screw it on to the battery, then screw the coil into the base. You’ll then want to prime the coil by putting juice on the cotton at the top of the coil. After that, place the glass piece onto the base, screw on the top, & put in the tip. The top metal piece rotates to the side to reveal a small hole where you can fill the tank with juice. Slide the rotating metal piece back in place, rotate the piece at the base to open up the holes for airflow, & you’re ready to vape!

    **Note: Try not chain vape with this device, or with any other sub ohm device. The wicks can’t keep up when you chain vape & that’s when you’ll get dry or burnt hits. It also burns burns out your coil really fast.

    You don’t need a battery charger- you’re able to just plug the micro USB cable into the battery (on the side) to charge it. This is one of the reasons that we like the Smok Tech V8 Stick.

    Another reason that we like it is because of its simplicity. You just buy the kit, buy the juice, plug it in to charge, & then you’re set. We have all been new to vaping at some point, & it can be an intimidating game to begin playing. When I (Kathryn) started vaping, I was overwhelmed by some of the complexities of the set-ups that people were recommending. The V8 Stick is great for beginners or just to have as a grab-&-go option.

    The V8 Stick is not a variable wattage or variable voltage device. When the battery is fully charged it’s about 4.2 volts & then it declines from there. If you put in a coil that’s too low ohm then it won’t work, which is one of the safety features of this device.

    One thing that we don’t like about the V8 Stick is that the coil heads aren’t great & they are a little pricey. It’s just something to keep in mind, but we still like it.

    That’s all we have for today! Thank you so much for reading & remember to #staysavage.

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