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    Blog — suorin drop

    VAPING Q & A

    VAPING Q & A

    Hey Savages!

    Today we are answering questions about vaping! Whether you’re new to the vaping game or have been in it for years, this Q&A is helpful. Click here to watch the YouTube video. The format of this blog will be a little different than usual so that you can easily follow along. Enjoy!

    Q: What are the differences between mods?

    A: For this answer Brittany used 2 mods. The first one is the VooPoo Drag which is a dual 18650 box mod. The “dual 18650” part is referring to the batteries (18650 is the size of the batteries) & how many the mod uses (dual- so it uses 2). 18650 is the universal battery size & most mods use them. You can charge the batteries by plugging it in to a charging cord or by using a separate battery charger. Once charged, the batteries slip into the battery place (Brittany calls this a sled) in the correct orientation (+ & -). This is a high-wattage mod, which means it can run things that are low ohms. Ok, so what does this mean? What are low ohms? This is referring to your coil. Coils can be high ohms, low ohms, & in-between ohms. You can figure out what wattage you need to set your mod at by following Ohms Law (click here for an Ohms Law calculator). This mod doesn’t come in a kit, so you’ll need to purchase a tank separately.

    The second mod is the Suorin Air & this is a pod system. It’s much smaller & you can only plug it in to a micro-USB to charge. The battery comes with a pod which you fill with whatever juice you’d like, though we like to use nic salts. It’s small, it’s convenient & we love it. Check out our blog on the Suorin Drop for more information!

    Q: How do I clean & maintain my device?

    A: Maintenance & care of your device is very important. Pro Tip: Don’t just run water over your device & don’t submerge it. You can safely & easily clean your device with a paper towel, wiping away juice or debris gently. Cleaning once a week is a great idea. Take the tank apart & gently rinse with water (no soap), then dry it with a paper towel. Caring for your device is similar to caring for your phone- store at room temperature, avoid extremes (like leaving it in your hot car or storing it in the refrigerator), keep it upright, try not to drop it or throw it around. If you take care of it, your device will have a longer lifespan.

    Q: How do I store my juice?

    A: Store juice at room temperature. If it’s sitting in a hot car then the integrity of the juice is compromised & it won’t taste good anymore, & the same goes for cold temperatures. We recommend keeping juice out of direct sunlight.

    Q: How do I travel with my vape gear?

    A: Rule #1 is you never want to check batteries. Always bring them & the rest of your vape gear in your carry-on. Place batteries in a plastic battery case. Put your juice into a plastic bag as you do with other liquids when traveling. There shouldn’t be any issues with bringing your gear through the airport, but be sure to use your best judgement.

    Q: How do I charge my batteries?

    A: You can either plug it in (most mods come with a USB charging option) or you can use an external battery charger. It’s really up to you & your preferences, or what you have available. The great thing about the external battery charger is that they will charge your batteries at the same time so that they will have the same charge.

    Q: How do I make a coil? Should I stick with store-bought coils?

    A: It depends on what tank you have. If you have an RDA (Re-buildable Dripping Atomizer) then you can either build your own coils (which is easy & fun) or you can buy coils (which is easy). There are a lot of tutorials of how to do builds out there & you can check out one that Grimm Green did here. With this tank you just drip the liquid into the top & vape.

    If you have an RTA (Re-buildable Tank Atomizer) then you can make or buy the coils as you would with an RDA, but there’s an actual tank that you’ll fill with the juice.

    If you have a Sub Ohm tank, then you’ll just buy the coil heads & screw them into the base. They aren’t re-buildable. Pro-Tip: Do some research & make sure that you choose a tank that has coils readily available in shops so that you can easily buy replacements.

    Q: Can I mix juice flavors?

    A: This is up to you. BUT no matter what kind of coil you have, the flavor you will taste will primarily be the original juice that you put on the cotton & coil. So just use your own judgement regarding which flavors might be great together & which flavors might not be great together.

    Q: Can I wash & reuse my coils?

    A: It depends on what kind of coils you have. For RDA’s & RTA’s, the answer is yes. You can rinse the coils & reuse them. If you have a Sub Ohm coil, the answer is no. These are disposable, so once they are done you’ll throw it away & put in a new one.

    Q: How many watts should I be using?

    A: You’ll need to refer to the Ohms Law calculator again for a technical answer. Brittany chooses to adjust the wattage according to taste. So start low on the wattage (maybe 30), see how it tastes, and then increase the wattage as needed.

    These are all the questions that we have, but if you have any feel free to comment! We hope you enjoyed this blog, we’ll see you next time, & remember to #staysavage.


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    The Suorin Drop is a pod system, where the pod is detachable from the battery (in this case, the battery is rainbow). There is a microUSB port at the bottom of the battery for charging with the cord that comes in the box. You can detach the pod & fill it with juice by lifting the 2 rubber parts & dropping your e-juice into one of the open holes. 

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